General · 2. October 2021

The decision

Why we decided to move away from Berlin

Nothing major happened.
We talked often in the last year about whether we should leave Berlin for new adventures or not.

A very long and sun deprived winter, the changing vibe of the city and the wish for a change (professional and not only) were turning points for that. In front of a bowl of chilli oil dumplings from Han West, we decided Florence would be our next destination in life.

Due to Teresa’s job as a beautician, which binds her to a specific city, the conversation about it often arrived to a halt there. While Martin, who as a software developer can work remotely from anywhere, had the dream of moving somewhere with a better weather (at least in winter).

Vienna was also on the table but the cost of living in Austria wouldn’t have allowed us the liberties we will hopefully enjoy in the “Bel Paese“. The tax benefits for new residents who’ll move to Italy certainly helped in this decision.