About us

About us

We are Teresa and Martin, an Italo-Austrian couple living, soon in Florence, with two cats: Teddy and Khan.


Originally from Torre del Greco, Naples, Teresa moved to Berlin in 2014. She’s a beautician, who loves natural beauty and products, as well as a goldsmith.

She likes gardening, cooking, video games, arts and craft and tending to our two cats. Through her job she met many new people and decided to help them connect via her multi-platform project Bellezze a Berlino.


Originally from Graz, Austria, Martin moved to Berlin in 2013. He is a freelance software developer, specialized in mobile development. Check out his portfolio page and LinkedIn profile to learn more about his professional background.

He likes traveling, cooking, photography, video games and always has some kind of side project going on.

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Teddy was born in Malta and lived in a cat shelter for some years before he joined our little family in September of 2020, together with his partner Fluffy who unfortunately passed away in the summer of 2021.

Teddy is into food, playing football with his toys and chasing laser pointers.


Khan is the newest furry addition to the bunch. We adopted him in September 2021 after he was found with a wire snare around his neck in his home country Romania. Fortunately he was found and rescued by an animal protection organization, which was looking for a new loving home for him.

Khan can’t get enough cuddles. He loves to play with his toy mouse and to bother Teddy with his high energy.